VR Google Doodle

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of VR.

Team Members


6 Weeks


A-Frame, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

My Role

For this project I worked on the production of 3D assets, videography of the demo video, sound effects, and storyboarding of the project. This was one of the first times I had ever used VR so it was a learning experience for me to learn A-Frame and Cinema4D.


A Google Doodle is a temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage. It is usually an art piece designed to celebrate a person, an event, etc. Some doodles have been paintings, illustrations, animations, or videos. Recently, Google has been creating interactive doodles such as games.

We were tasked with creating an interactive Google Doodle. Taking inspiration from doodles created by Google over the years, we decided to take it a step further and create an immersive, virtual reality experience celebrating the 50 years of VR.

Sketches ↓

Creating a Narrative

When creating this project we also decided that we wanted to tell a story along side it. We wrote a storyboard consisting of 2 environments; a representation of VR in it's past, and a representation of what VR is now. For example, one of the first ever representations of VR was just lines, and users could see a 3D effect using just simple wireframes.

After users see the past VR environment, they are then teleported through a portal to the new/future VR world filled with bright colours, music, and interactive elements (balloons popping, fireworks exploding).

Building the Environment

As my team member Roneilla helped develop the application, I worked along side her to complete the 3D Model. I did most asset creation in Cinema4D, and used almost exclusively low poly models to make sure that we were reducing the lag that mobile phone users would experience when viewing this in VR.