<aside> 🗨️ I go by Isabelle or Izzy and I use she/her/hers pronouns


A kickass interaction designer with a black belt to prove it, based in 🍁Toronto and currently designing at RBC MyAdvisor.


My work

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What can I do?

I’ve always loved jumping head first into trying new things (whether it be design-related… or food-related). From photography, painting, to sound design, graphic design, and user experience, I like to consider new mediums as a challenge. Here are some of the core skills I’m focusing on right now in my career:

👥 User research and testing

Understanding behaviour is key, which is why I’m not afraid to dive deep into user interviews and surveys to better understand what the core user problems are, and how to help solve for them.

🖥 Wireframing and prototyping

A designer's best tool, I’ve spent years learning, wireframing, and prototyping collaboratively in Figma and Adobe XD. Design is never limited to 2D spaces though, and I also have experience with designing explorable 3D spaces as well.

⛰ Journey mapping

Taking complex problems and creating simple solutions is the name of the game. I love to plot out existing journies and help in creating new ones… This allows me to identify problems (and solutions) we didn’t know were there before.

☀ Exploring and learning

I always love to give myself new challenges, which is why I love to practice code, creative writing, 3D modeling, and other hobbies that help me strengthen my design skills outside of work.


Who is Izzy?

I’m an interaction designer based out of Toronto who loves cooking, rollerskating with my roommate Ren, and playing sandbox/VR games like AltSpaceVR, Tower unite, and Minecraft. Learn more about me below:

About me

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