Fall 2019

Pantry App Concept

Making a solution to your grocery confusion. Share, save, and create recipes and grocery lists.
  • Branding
  • Competitive Research
  • Prototyping
  • My Role

    Project management, Brainstorming, Design, Prototyping


    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD


    A prototype for a recipe sharing app concept


    2 week long ongoing project that I'm working on by myself


    I always hate having to organize and create new grocery lists each week. I wish there was an easier way to try new recipes and foods without breaking the bank.


    I decided to create a grocery list and recipe sharing app that allows users to share their ideas online to make buying with weekly budgets easier.

    My Design Process

    Planning & Ideating

    People notice the 3D environment in front of them, they may feel inclined to see more

    Competitor Analysis

    Now without direction, they can explore and uncover things for themselves.

    Designing & Branding

    They create an experience that they themselves can share with others that is unique to them.

    Making the Prototype

    People notice the 3D environment in front of them, they may feel inclined to see more

    Planning the Product.

    59% of 25- to 34-year-olds cook with either their smartphones or tablets handy.

    They want to dive into everything, experiment with new recipes, and learn new skills, so I wanted to create an application that makes it easier to share more modern recipes, and experience different kinds of food.

    What was my vision when making Pantry? 🔮

  • More focused on the users food habits and their preferences
  • Easier to export grocery lists, and compile weekly plans, and share with others.
  • Allowing users agency in what they want to make and trying something new.
  • Thinking about what functionality my app would have through affinity mapping
    Looking back to the Hooked Model to understand how to get people using my app, and building habits.

    Competitor Research

    What were they doing right? Doing wrong? 💢

    Some of these apps had many positives. For the Tasty app, they had videos of each recipe so you could follow along, and everything was laid out very well for users to read. Buying a recipe app seems very unappealing though because I can search recipes I want to find online. What does a paid app offer me that a book can't?

    Forks Over Knives

    $6.99 CAD

    BBC Good Food


    Tasty Recipe App


    What would a user want? 📋

    But a few pieces of functionality that I wanted to see were things like, 1. Helping you compile all the grocery items you needed onto a list. 2. Recommended recipes based on what you want. and 3. A way to share and comment on your own personal recipes, or rate them based on your preference.

    Designing The Brand

    Fresh. Healthy. Bright. 🍏

    For this app I wanted to make the branding colours bright, and pop out of the screen. A lot of food applications go with red and orange colours to be more vibrant, but it was important to make this app unique. I chose green because it resembles the colour of most health foods, and pink because it represents good health and calmness.

    I also made sure my colours were colour compliant with the WCAG 2.0 Colour Contrast checker. It was important these colours met all accessibility needs.

    Some sketches of what I wanted to create.

    I was trying to plan the layout of the home page first, and then I realized I needed to focus on what the recipe cards looked like first.

    The recipe cards were the most important feature, so I assessed different options.

    In the end I picked a mix of the first option and the fourth option because they felt the most intuitive and familiar.

    Keeping it simple. 🍊

    More Coming Soon...