Nice to meet you, I'm Izzy!

A multidisciplinary designer with a focus on tackling complex problems and using digital platforms to solve real world issues. I have experience with marketing, photography, videography, user experience design, and user interface design, with niche program knowledge like arduino and processing under my belt making me a well rounded designer that can adapt to any design challenge.

I'm an eclectic but organized designer.

I am always open to learning new things and meeting new people, and that's why I love going to hackathons in my spare time. I'm very energetic by nature, and I love to share my work and get feedback on my designs! If I'm not in the lab doing work, I'm either playing guitar, skiing, seeing my family, or eating spicy ramen (the spicier the better).

Work Experience

UX/UI Intern @ TM7 Tech
  • 6 Months
  • Feb-Aug 2018
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Member of the UX Journey team, completed mockups and made presentations to clients. Created graphics and icons for promotional materials replacing external design consultant. Worked on application styling, designs, CSS and SCSS.

    Marketing and Technical Writing @ Systematix Inc.
  • 4 Months
  • May-Aug 2018
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • Photographed machines, the facility, and company events. Edited photos and videos for the website and social media sites. Completed technical writing for the employee profiles, blog posts and customer documentation for automation lines.


    IXDA Vice President of Events @ Sheridan College

    Events are important within the IXD community so in my role I help co-ordinate, schedule, recruit, and run events for people within my program with help from the other IXDA members.

    Interaction Design Mentor @ Sheridan College

    As a peer mentor I attend weekly meetups to help students who are having difficulty with assignments and projects. I have also worked for 4 months as an assistant to the teachers in helping first years with understanding how to use illustrator and how to fabricate 3D models.

    Recent Adventures

    Adobe Max
  • Conference
  • November 2nd
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • During the fall I went to Adobe Max, where I met lots of other talented designers and creatives. One of my highlights from the trip was meeting the creative director of Taco Bell and hearing about his in house design team, the way they think about design problems was so creative and with such a unique angle that it was really inspiring.

    I met some amazing people that week, like Alex Darbyshire, Andrew Hilts, Ekin Tumer, Shantanu Sharma, and Amy Fang. All these creatives made my week long trip to LA so fun, and I can't wait to go again soon.

    Mentoring at Code Samurai
  • Hackathon
  • April 2019
  • Toronto, ON
  • As a part of my internship, the company I was working for hosted a hackathon to which I was invited to mentor.In a day long hackathon for kids ages 10-15, I helped young kids learn how to build and style an application where they could organize their hobbies and interests. They learned how to use design thinking, HTML, CSS, and javascript.